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The trap of a Psychopath Killer (2 – 6 persons)

Price: 12.500 Ft/ team up to 6.
1075 Budapest Kazinczy str. 10. basement of the El Rapido Mexican Buffet & Grand Bazar Bar

You can choose from these two rooms: The Trap of a Psychopath Killer or Prison Trap

You haven’t seen anything like this before! Guaranteed!

Suddenly you find yourself with your friends in the trap of a psychopath killer. You don’t know how you got there, and for the time being you don’t know how to get out either. Not a drop of sunlight is getting in, this place is creepy. But you have to get out somehow! At that moment you hear a sound from a speaker and you realise that you only have 1 hour to get out of this nightmare.

If you like being thrilled or if you want to have some adventure with your friends, it is the place for you. There is no such a (cellar,) torture-chamber anywhere else. You get some insight to a psychopathic serial killer’s mind, and you may understood why he became such a pervert during his life. Use your logic, pay attention to the details, and you may save your lifes.

“Be the puppet of a crazy killer and get to know the visions of his sick mind. Enter the TimeTrap and play the dangerous game! But beware, you only have an hour to get out, or the basement will bury you forever.”

phone now!: +36 20 311 9471


1075 Budapest Kazinczy u 10. El Rapido mexikói büfé & Grand Bazár Bár pincéjében Nyitva tartás: délelőtt 10-től éjjel 12-ig

A helyszínt az el Rapido pincéje biztosítja.

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